She’MITE Sports CenTec, LLC’s mission is to mentor youths and young adults about leadership that inspires them to become leaders, that teaches them to lead while encouraging them to Lead by Example via sports and technology. 

She’MITE Sports CenTec, LLC is a leadership organization founded by Sherrita S. Coleman, that mentors, inspires, teaches, and encourages communities on how to implement effective leadership by way of sports and technology.  She’MITE Sports CenTec, LLC upskills youths and young adult’s vision by efficiently and effortlessly implementing leadership services that are reliable, user-friendly, easy to learn, and exciting to use. She’MITE uses soft skills like integrity, communication, creative-thinking, sports, safety-focus, managing, & listening to build and maintain lasting relationships with a community of people. She’MITE is passionate about delighting people, building relationships, empowering children, solving to prevent complex problems, technologies, quality, safety, and sports.

Leadership Quotes By Sherrita S. Coleman

1. Do the Right Thing the Right Way

2. It takes great leaders to influence leadership

3. Play a sport and build character, learn a technology and change the world

4. There is power in support and leadership

5. Taking care of oneself is much harder than being successful therefore, when you see someone is taking care of themselves constructively acknowledge their hard work



provideing guidance, motivation, emotional support, and leadership to children and adults.


inspiring children and adults on being/becoming their best selves.


teaching children and adults life situation via sports and technology..


encouraging children and adults to think outside of their normal thoughts to achieve greater.